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Team List

April Salazar
Office Manager

is our office manager, handles any problems, books appointments and runs the daily activities of the office. Don’t be surprised to see her assisting in surgeries from time to time.

Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell
Main Implantologist
The main Implantologist. Unlike other specialists who also place implants, I work in the bone, the placement of the implant and the cosmetic part, whether it be a crown, bridge, denture. I basically do it all, no need to be jumping from doctor to doctor. I will be guiding you throughout the whole process and be working on your whole teeth not just the implants. So besides Implants, Dr. Mark does Crown/Bridge work as well as any surgical extractions.
Dr. William Bartell Senior
Main General Dentist

Works mainly in Cosmetic Dentistry and Full/Flexible Dentures. My father has been at the office for 40 plus years.

Dr. Minerva Avalos
General Dentist

She works directly with Dr. Mark in almost all this procedures. She handles the rest of the general dentistry in my team, which includes cleanings, fillings, and dentures and other related work. She is always present to help Dr. Mark with any implant surgeries.

Dr. Oscar Navarro

is an essential part of the staff for major surgeries when team group is required. Very skilled as an Implantologist as well and makes a great team with Dr. Mark but is not always at the office.